Monday, November 13, 2017

Dorene Rose

Empowered and Living Well  

Holistic health & Wellness Coach

Coaching sessions are designed to be an opportunity to listen to yourself and become mindful of your personal needs and desires. Schedule an initial consultation with me and be on your way to discovering how! Together we will move forward and develop your personal plan. I will guide you and provide accountability and support for optimal results! 

These are the types of topics discussed in sessions:

  • Setting goals and choosing the tools needed to attain them.

  • Create a diet and exercise program targeted to your individual needs.

  • Explore and nurture experiences with relationships and communication.

  • Discuss spirituality and faith to create a deeper sense of purpose in daily living .

  • Develop new healthy habits and let go of old patterns of self sabotage.

  • Experience self empowerment through deciding to take care of yourself and live the life you imagine.

  •  How do you enjoy life and express yourself? Explore creativity and visualization techniques.

    Contact Dorene with questions and to schedule a free initial consultation: